Social Media & Medicine

Is Social Media in Healthcare a Necessary Risk?

Social Media & Medicine

Why Social Media is Important:

  • In Sum, over 60% (37% of all U.S. Adults) are actively using social media & digital medicine to supplement traditional health resources and activities
  • Over 500 hospitals currently use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging for physician education and patient collaboration

Just a few areas we urge our clients to consider:

  • What are the HIPAA guidelines around social media tactics like blogging,microblogging, social bookmarking and other online engagement tools?
  • What legal issues should cause concern with implementing a social media policy?
  • What social media tools and platforms are most effective to help your program reach your goals?
  • How do these programs impact physicians, nurses, clinician colleagues,office staff and consultants.
  • Providing resources for backup and protection of data, hardware and software

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